Why I Decided to Do This Business

By | April 24, 2017


I recently worked in-house for ADT Small Business Security. I did this door to door to small businesses. Where I was focused on and had the most success was in Newburgh, NY. I was shocked at what ADT expected me to get these small businesses to do. I was right on Broadway and kept running into new small businesses that could barely afford to keep the doors open. But, if you know anything about Newburgh, it’s a pretty rough neighborhood, especially on Broadway. I was told that there are 2 gangs operating there. One on the east end and one on the west end. Clear need for security.

2 Big Issues

1. The monthly rate and installation rate that ADT charges. The small business owners that I ran into couldn’t afford what ADT charged. One example was a Deli/Restaurant that needed 11 cameras. My quote was roughly $4600 to install and $230/mo for support and maintenance. I learned how do this for MUCH cheaper, and with high quality products. With very little or no monthly charge. After I left ADT I gave this person a quote for $2900 installed and setup with no monthly fee. I was able to do this with the completely Wire-Free system listed below.

2. 3 of my installations “blew out” because the customer did not have a land line. Wireless and Wire-free systems do not need a land line.

or, click on the red banner for the best monitored security (free install):

Please do one of the following 3 things ASAP to protect yourself against such craziness in the world:

1. Order one of the following 2 DIY Security Systems:

2. Call me to talk about a custom package for you at ADT:

+1 (888) 428-6312

3. Fill out the ADT quote request/rebate form:

Please leave your thoughts and comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Do This Business

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Good luck with your new business. WIre free security systems are intriguing me. How do they connect with the required system without being hard wired?

    I’m guessing blue tooth or using wifi/lan network.

    Other than not requiring installation what are the other main benefits of opting for wireless security systems?

  2. LeNard

    I agree with you, Newburgh, NY can be a bad place. I use to live in Middletown, NY and would may the short trip to Newburgh.

    Well anyway, I saw your post on why you wanted to do a home security business and thought I would read it.

    If you are not wired to a hard wire, does it jeopardize the security. Meaning can’ people hack WiFi easy these days?

    1. Tim

      There are cyber security measures in place to protect against that. Where are you living now?

  3. Nick

    Wow, being able to cut the price by almost half for small businesses is huge! Like you said, a lot of new businesses have very little extra money to spend, but security is super important. You have to protect your physical assets and employees even if it’s expensive.

    You sound like you’re really knowledgeable when it comes to this type of thing. How long have you been working in with security systems?

    1. Tim

      Thanks Nick! Yeah it was so tough seeing people who couldn’t afford the security when they really needed it. One lady said she noticed her door had been pryed at with a crow bar or something. And she couldn’t afford ADT. I sent her an email about what I’m doing now but no response yet.

      Anyway, yeah I haven’t been in security too long, but before security I have been out in the field in homes and businesses for cable companies since September 2003. I love being out there helping people in the trenches.

  4. Jack Taylor

    Hi Tim,

    I just finished reading your article on Why I Decided to Do This Business. I owned a Locksmith business for almost 30 years and did some work for some of the major alarm companies. I left the industry several years back to pursue an online career.

    I have no regrets but I do miss drilling open safes and taking locks apart. I love being an Affiliate Marketer even more than I miss it. Great article and keep up the good work.


    1. Tim

      Hi Jack,

      That’s so encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Means a lot to me. So how have you found it online? Have you made good money? If so, how long did it take?

      Ah, I just read your profile on Wealthy Affiliate and checked out your website. Great stuff. Looks like we are trying to do similar things. My shopping site is: savvyshopping7.com

      In it to win it,



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