Why ADT? Why choose ADT Security Services for your Home or Business?

By | June 2, 2017

What separates ADT Security Services from everyone else? What does it matter that ADT has been in business since 1874? What is the benefit of having a company with a large customer base monitoring your home or business with state of the art security services? What is the benefit of having six ADT owned and operated ‘redundant monitoring centers’ scattered across North America handling your calls for both customer service issues and (God forbid) emergencies?

From my experience and yours too I’m sure, you end up getting what you pay for. Yeah ADT might be just a little higher in price (not that much though really!) than a cheaper local company, but don’t you want a top expert to be protecting your home or business? You don’t want low price equipment or service if they go out of business or aren’t able to support the service well. Especially for security!

Advantages of using ADT

There are a lot of practical advantages and benefits of using ADT as your provider for security. There is strength in longevity  and size of the company. You can trust ADT to come through on our promises and commitments. We’ve been doing it so long. We have a proven track record and the experience to come through when it matters most. We do not use 3rd party monitoring centers that we can’t control. We actually own and operate 6 of our own.

If one of the 6 monitoring centers has to close for a natural disaster such as a hurricane, snowstorm or some other emergency, all calls get routed to one or more of the other 5 monitoring centers. Issues are handled immediately. One other nice thing is that you get a live person when you or anybody else calls in. ADT’s motto and slogan is “Always There.” And takes great effort to prove this every day. We are never offline.

So back in 1874, what did ADT originally stand for? American District Telegraph. The first security systems were a “telegraph-based alert system.” From Wikipedia: “In 1874, 57 district telegraph delivery companies affiliated and became ‘American District Telegraph.'” Do you know what was invented 2 years later? The telephone. There’s a great story about how ADT adapted to the industry at that time. When the telephone came out, the telegraph wasn’t needed as much. So all of the wiring that was already in place got converted into security protection!

ADT was 7 years old when the shootout at the OK Corral took place!

What all of this history means to you is that ADT isn’t going anywhere. ADT will still be around to protect your business as it grows, or your home as it grows. And as technology grows. ADT has 5 million residential customers and over 2 million commercial customers throughout the world. There are 300,000 small businesses that we help protect.

There are 200 sales and service offices and 11,000 trucks on the road all across North America. What does this mean to you? We are a national company with a local presence. If you have a service call, a technician is coming from nearby. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that?

ADT understands the concerns business owners and home owners face. What happens to threaten your security in your home or business matters to us as much as it matters to you. We help those who are concerned with intrusion protection, video surveillance, the “Pulse” of their home or business through automation and even access control.

When it comes to protecting your home or business, ADT is “always there.” It really doesn’t matter what equipment you install or what the price is. If the company or equipment can’t provide the service you deserve – and want and need – it isn’t worth paying less for a cheaper product or service. You deserve to be responded to quickly in case of an emergency, don’t you? Of course you do!

No other company can match ADT’s size and experience and product and service. I guarantee it.

ADT Pulse®

An example of the proprietary ADT Pulse® system at work in a business is being able to monitor employees and customers in the moment. You are then able to immediately track inventory shortage caused by employees and customers alike, and also track and minimize any lost employee productivity caused by excessive breaks.

With the ADT Pulse® system, there is a 30 day history of any events triggered on any of the sensors or cameras. You can access and review from any device that you have the “Pulse” app installed on or from any internet browser. For example, you can track the comings and goings at your back door when it is opened or when the camera watching it is activated by the motion sensor in it. You can also arm or disarm your system from the “Pulse” app.


  1. Six month money back service guarantee
  2. Insurance certificate to help lower your home or business insurance
  3. Relocation discount should you relocate with your home or business. We move with you and we expand and grow with you.


From Consumer Affairs on 2/6/2016, James says:

I’ve been customer of ADT for over 10 years and I have nothing to say but they’re a great Company! Currently I have the Pulse system with cameras, Co2 detectors that can be controlled from iPhone and recently added: front door lock, Nest Thermostats (5), garage door tied to Pulse. They all work in unison and if my alarm sounds they call within 30 seconds. The Nest Thermostats are the greatest thing ever for energy savings. I’m very happy with ADT and they do an excellent job. I also use ADT medical service device (pendant) if I fall as I disabled. Excellent medical service and works everywhere outside the house or on the road!

From the Better Business Bureau on 1/7/2016, Eric says:

Thank you ADT for such a great experience! My family loves the new home security and automation system we ordered a few weeks back. You guys were so helpful, and I really appreciate the upgrades and extra we received as part of the holiday special. What a deal!

From safestreets.com on March 7, 2017, Michelle R. says:

We had our ADT system installed by SafeStreets USA and were really impressed with the service we received from our technician. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions on the system and how it worked. He set everything up in a couple of hours and was a real pleasure to talk with during the process. He provided excellent customer service as did our salesperson. We have been very please with the service and cost so far.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I recommend the following for getting started on a security system for you and your family. There are affordable DIY options available as well as the cheapest monitored system that I know of as well:

Completely Wire Free Arlo Pro (only 720HD) best purchased at Amazon, Best Buy or Ebay

Wireless Nest Outdoor Security Cameras (1080HD) also best purchased at Amazon, Best Buy or Ebay

Call me to talk about a custom package for you at ADT:

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