Thieves Caught – Part 2

By | April 29, 2017

Here we go. Another installment of Thieves Caught! These videos, like part 1, really help keep me driven to keep doing this business. I keep seeing stuff on Twitter about child abuse, domestic abuse, people missing, etc.

Unfortunately, not all of the following thieves have been caught. If you know anything about the following, please alert authorities ASAP or leave a comment below and I will do it!

It’s a real shame. I believe security cameras will help catch these criminals and help scare them off in the first place. I have inexpensive ways to get this done for you. Please leave thoughts, comments or requests in the comments below.

I’m on your side. I’ve met too many people who have been abused and its absolutely devastating. Please know that we care here at Security System Zone. Our heart goes out to you if you have suffered any such injustice.

1. Home Break In in South Minneapolis, MN

2. While Family Slept in Miami, FL

3. Trump Banner Thief Caught in Grand Rapids, MI

4. “Friend” Steals from Someone’s Wallet (unknown location)

5. Hidden Camera Catches the Simple Thing a Repairman Charges $700 for (unknown location)

Please do one of the following 3 things ASAP to protect yourself against such craziness in the world:

1. Order one of the following 2 DIY Security Systems:

2. Call me to talk about a custom package for you at ADT:

3. Fill out the ADT quote request/rebate form:


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