Review of “Top 10 Security Hacks” by @Dynamic Prepper

By | May 5, 2017

Here is a summary of Dynamic Prepper’s video. The cliffnotes version if you will. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I think he has done an outstanding job of giving us ideas on how to burglar-proof our home.

1. Check your windows and doors

– Make sure they are all locked

– Make sure all coverings are closed

2. Install motion lights

– add some cheap flood lights, be they solar or electric

3. Smart Landscaping

– trim bushes below 2′

– trees near the house should be trimmed and unclimbable

– use gravel instead of mulch because it’s noisier and will get dogs barking

– have hellishly thorny bushes under your windows

4. Get to know people around your house

– good relationships with neighbors

– Mailmen/Mail Women

– Garbage Men/Women

– Delivery Men/Women (UPS, Fedex, DHL)

5. Never open your front door for any reason

– Don’t ignore them though

– Ask them what they want through the door

– Be firm but not interested

6. The Faux Dog

– “Beware of Dog” signs

– Leave a water bowl out

– Leave a grungy tennis ball out in the back yard to give them potential burglars the impression that you have a dog

– Buy a fake dog to tie up in the yard, or some fake poop (lol)

7. Faux Security System

– Buy a cheap Yard Sign and Sticker Kit

– Buy a fake Security Camera System

– House/Car Alarm. Keep your car key fob near you at all times in your house so that you can hit the panic button at any time you hear an unusual sound. Keep a spare key fob on your night stand! Or buy a cheap  Outdoor Siren that you can trigger at any time.

8. Tend to your home

– Don’t leave the garbage pails out

– Keep your lawn mowed

– Keep snow shoveled

– Don’t leave mail overflowing

– Pick up any newspapers in your yard

9. Keep your garage door closed and protected. Garages are ‘soft targets.’ Most burglaries are involve the garage.

– Your entry door to your house in the back of the garage is typically the weakest door in the house. It’s often unlocked and not dead-bolted

– Spray window frosting paint on your garage windows

– Put a padlock or C-clamp above the top wheel in the garage door(s), especially if going away

– Put everything away from outside in the garage at the end of the day. Don’t leave any weapons out there for a potential intruder like a shovel.

10. Vacation Precautions

– Tell as few people as possible about your going on vacation

– Post pictures from your vacation after you get home

– Put the C-clamps or padlock above the top wheel on your garage door(s)

– All window coverings must be closed

– Go through the house and make sure all doors and windows are locked

– Have a couple lights on timers. They even make a light that simulates a TV light that you can have on a timer.

Well I hope this was helpful. Thanks to @Dynamic Prepper for all the great ideas. Please leave some of your ideas for Secure Home Hacks below in the comments. I’m sure it will be helpful to people!

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2 thoughts on “Review of “Top 10 Security Hacks” by @Dynamic Prepper

  1. Ronnie Jordan

    Very good information. Everything you mentioned is a great deterrent. Unfortunately, some burglars are very determined. I would say get an alarm system as well. But I love the gravel thing. Real nice touch. Thanks.

    1. Tim Post author

      Good point. I’m with you. These are all great deterrents, but real security is imperative too 😉


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