Percentage of Households with Security Cameras

By | May 5, 2017

According to, 30,000 people searched online for the best home security cameras last month. What begs the question for me though is, how many people actually pulled the trigger and bought some sort of system. Some of my readers have said to me in one form or another “everybody has a security camera nowadays.” But do they really? I beg to differ.

The numbers don’t lie. The numbers below are compelling reasons for a person to buy a security system, even just a 1 camera system. A 1 camera system is very affordable and easy. I can show you later if you like.

But first the numbers…

The Number of Households with Some Form of Security

I did a little research to see if “everybody” does in fact have a security camera nowadays. I searched and found some really good info from a forum by John Honovich. Several different sources were quoted, including, the Columbus Dispatch and thing found was that in the beginning of  2012, “25% of U.S. broadband households reported having any security system [some form of] in use; in 2013 and 2014, that percentage increased to 26%.”

They also found that in 2012, “there were approximately 29.7 million U.S. households with [some form of] active security system; in 2014, that number has increased by ~1.6 million to 31.3 million total households with an active security system.”

The evidence that they have gathered also shows that in the three years tracked (2012, 2013, 2014), the number of professionally monitored homes has risen from 15% to 18%, the number of self-monitored fee based security systems is decreasing from 4% to 2%, and the number of homes with local alarm only security systems is about 6%.

None of these numbers suggest that there are a lot of households that are being covered by security in general, and even less are covered by security cameras also.

Households with Any Security Cameras

Honovich also quotes from the report, about the 2014 ‘Home Systems Study’ from which reported that “17% of U.S. broadband households report the presence of network security cameras in 2014.” A simple search on Google shows that there are 125.82 million households in the US. “Since 70% of households have broadband, assuming 0% for non broadband households, that would mean [less than] 12% of all households have a network security camera,” or 1 in 8 homes. Think of 8 homes of friend or family members off the top of your head. How many of them have security cameras? One of them?

On Honovich’s forum, Ethan Ace quotes an article from the Columbus Dispatch on home surveillance cameras relevant to the conversation. Columbus (Ohio) Police Sgt. Greg Hoyle was interviewed about catching burglars with home security cameras: “Coming across footage of a crime at a residence doesn’t happen often, said Sgt. Greg Hoyle, a burglary-squad supervisor. Of more than 29,000 theft and burglary reports last year, only about a dozen had home-surveillance video as evidence.” That’s a very, very low percentage.

Survey Says!

Honovich’s started his forum as a way to interact with people about the Google Consumer Survey he ran in March of 2013. The survey parameters were for 1000+ consumers (general population, not surveillance people) asking them if they use a surveillance camera (or cameras) at home. The survey said: 15% of households have security cameras in them. That’s a pretty low number.

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8 thoughts on “Percentage of Households with Security Cameras

  1. omar

    the context was very informative also like the video all the pictures were very related to the context which is very eye catching

  2. Joana Marie Mendoza

    I believed that nowadays we need surveillance cameras or cctv inside and outside our to protect our family specially there are so many terrorism or thief everywhere that is why there is a big increase of households who buying cctv or surveillance cameras or security system for their houses. I remember last summer 2015 when someone trying to go inside our room by breaking the net of our window and opening it, good thing I waked up when I heard something near in our window and feels something wrong. As I see the brown eyes and fingers from the blind I carry my baby girl and run outside the room and knock the other room where is my hubby sleeping. I was really scared that time for the safety of my baby., so I tell to my hubby to sleep in our room. I never forgot that summer of 2015.

    1. Tim Post author

      Omg Joana that sounds terrifying. I hope the prowler was scared off!

      Did you and your husband get any security setup yet?

  3. Chris

    Hi Tim,

    Some scary stats around the increasing rates of crime. I used to work for a security company who installed back to base monitored alarm systems as well as CCTV systems. Back then, it wasn’t common for domestic residences to have CCTV gear installed due to the high cost.

    These days however, the cost of technology has dropped to the point where it’s something for the average family to seriously consider investing in.


    1. Tim Post author

      Sure is a lot more affordable now, especially the DIY completely wire free system. Check it out.

      Where do you work now?


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