My Experience with being a Protect America Affiliate = Not Good

By | May 11, 2017

I joined the Protect America Affiliate program on March 23, 2017. Initially I was very excited because it was a much cheaper rate for monitored security than what I was used to hearing about. $19.99/month and free installation. I was happy to be able to offer that to people. And the commission payout was pretty good. $300 each sale. I was excited to get going!

All that sounded good, but as I have tried to be an affiliate ever since then I have run into several problems. I will try to list and explain those in a little bit. But first, I want to say that I have just been accepted as an ADT affiliate and I have been VERY impressed! I should have know better. ADT quality and experience and infrastructure has been growing for 142 years. And they are the leader in the industry by far and away for a reason. I will outline that in a later post.

But first, my struggles with Protect America…

  1. There was some confusion regarding my personal TFN (toll free number) that Protect America gave me. The first one that was on my personal affiliate web site was 888-936-0839. The correct one was and is 888-873-5025. (3/27/17)
  2. I had printed out fliers and done ads and posts online with the incorrect TFN. I had to go through and correct all of those.
  3. On 3/30/17, I went on my affiliate web site and did a test live chat with a rep on “my site, asking questions like I was interested in a (dummy) sale. My purpose was primarily to see what it would be like for someone doing it, and also to learn more about the packages being offered. Unfortunately when I checked my reporting chart, my dummy “lead” was not reported (and hasn’t to date – 4/20/17).
  4. On 3/30/17, I also filled out the quote form to be contacted by somebody about Protect America (on my affiliate site). I used a nickname and one of my other phone numbers. Unfortunately, me as this other dummy lead hasn’t shown up in my tracking chart either (and hasn’t to date – 4/20/17).
  5. On 3/31/17, I was able to get in contact with my liaison with Protect America. And after some back and forth trying to explain my concerns, I was told (and I quote from an email): “We cannot track leads by live chat as that is more of a tool for customer support rather than sales. Even if a quote is filled out, we still have to qualify and scrub them through our auto dialer and sales reps. Does that make sense?”
  6. So after some back and forth explaining by email I got on a call with my liaison and was told she would check into my concerns with her boss. I said I wanted to speak to him asap. She said he had already left for the weekend.
  7. So on 3/31/17 after I got off the call, I went through and change all my links to my “affiliate site” to a generic site on my personal business site with what I thought was my correct TFN on it, but unfortunately it was the one I had gotten erroneously back on 3/27/17. I didn’t realize it until 4/12/17.
  8. I figured I’d hear from her boss on that Monday 4/3, but still hadn’t heard anything by Thursday 4/6 so I emailed her about that to see if her boss might be calling.
  9. I also noticed that my personal TFN on my affiliate site had changed to something else!
  10. By the next afternoon at 12:49 pm on 4/7/17, I still hadn’t heard from her so I sent an email saying “hello?”
  11. About a half hour later on 4/7 I called another person I had spoken with at the company (Andy Marks) and expressed my concerns. He followed up my call right away with the following (and I quote): “Just to follow up on the call we just had.  I will definitely be looking into why the landing page currently isn’t crediting you for leads or displaying the correct toll free number. Additionally I will get with Vanna and Travis about you possibly creating your own landing page to be used.  If there is anything else I have missed or need please feel free to reach out to myself.”
  12. On 4/12/17 I decided to call in on my (incorrect as it turned out) 888# and pose as someone interested in buying Protect America. My purpose was two-fold.
    • 1) to see if my dummy lead would turn up on my lead tracking site. It never did because I used the wrong TFN and was never credited with the leads from the wrong TFN.
    • 2) to see what kind of a quote I would get for my house to switch to Protect America for security monitoring. What I found out was that it wasn’t really a free installation. They wanted $180 or so for a top of the line control panel, when I balked they offered a cheaper one, but it was still significant. When I balked and said I couldn’t afford it they offered it for free (to make the sale). My monthly rate quote – for cell coverage instead of landline coverage, and 12 door/window sensors instead of 3 – was $52/month (not 19.99). After all of my balkng and everything it was down to $44/month. I declined lol.
  13. A couple hours later on 4/12/17, since I still had not heard from Vanna or Andy or Travis, so I called another person I had talked to in the beginning (Greg).
  14. I guess Greg talked to Andy because a few minutes later I got the following email from Andy: “I was able to check into the website issue you are having and I believe if you clear your cookies the TFN will display correctly as I went into incognito mode for Chrome and used your link, which displayed everything as it should.”
  15. So finally after all of that, and some back and forth, my affiliate landing page was working again after 9 days of not working. It is working today, but then again I just cleared my cookies a few minutes ago (4/20/17).
  16. Also on 4/12/17, I asked Greg if I could have the leads that I generated using the wrong 888#. I haven’t gotten a response yet (4/20/17).
  17. So needless to say, I haven’t been very interested in working for Protect America anymore. I haven’t given it up. I can still sell it as a cheaper option for people. But I guess you get what you pay for. It’s cheaper for a reason. If you can afford a little bit higher price for ADT, I think you’ll be MUCH happier with what you get.

Take aways from Protect America –

  1. I’ll still sell it to people who want a cheaper basic package. Protect America’s basic package does actually cover more than ADT’s basic package (e.g. 3 doors/windows vs. 2 doors/windows).
  2. I think I have my correct TFN for Protect America now. But I’m still not seeing any leads show up on my lead tracking site, which would be odd because I’m promoting my 888# online. With that said though, I’m not aware of any leads that should be on there that I haven’t mentioned already.
  3. I’m not going to use the affiliate site they gave me as it is not very reliable. I’ll use my own landing pages on
  4. In theory all I have to do to get credit for a sale with Protect America is get somebody to call my TFN. I don’t have to do any of the selling or closing. Not bad to earn a $300 commission – if a sale ever happens.
  5. My onboarding and training that I have received with SafeStreets to be an authorized dealer for ADT has been leaps and bounds better than anything I have ever received from Protect America. I do have to do the selling and closing, but that’s ok. I like that part anyway as long as I’m helping people who actually need and want it. I get paid at least 33% more too.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I recommend the following for getting started on either a DIY security system or a monitored system for you and your family. There are affordable DIY options available as well as the most affordable monitored system that I know of as well. I can help with whichever option you choose. I can get the DIY system installed for you as well.

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