Do I really need security?

By | May 5, 2017

Not to be too morose, but have you ever considered the crime rates in America? Have you ever done a google search on “crime near me?” How about “recent crimes in my area?” or “crime rates by city?”

I want to feel safe like the next guy, and I sometimes get lulled to sleep by my sheltered life. But if I open my mind to the numbers, they are pretty staggering.

Staggering Statistics

According to, “2,000,000 home burglaries are reported in the United States each year.” From this article, we can deduce that this means that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the US – which is 4/minute, 240/hr or 6,000/day. CRAZY stats. And only 14% of US residents have any security installed at their home/

59% of burglaries happen during the day while people are away, mostly in the summer months of July and August and 95% of burglaries are break-ins by force. I don’t know about you but these numbers show how important it is to have some sort of security set up in your home.

Vulnerable People

I like to watch documentaries of true stories or movies or TV series based on true stories. The ones that intrigue me the most are where there is a lot of deception or corruption and then the people get caught. One of the shows I binge-watched with my girlfriend was “Damages” and the one we are watching now on pins and needles is “Scandal.” I don’t remember video cameras being that critical in these shows, but there were plenty of times I thought – “what about the security cameras?” – to catch people in the act.

I believe the followingt groups of people in particular could benefit from affordable security cameras:

  1. Young families who have just had kids
  2. Travelers who leave their family home while away on business
  3. Empty nesters
  4. Widows/widowers
  5. New movers

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I’d love to hear your experiences and motivations for security. Let’s catch more criminals and protect more people from unnecessary crime. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

My favorite book is “The Shack.” I’d hate for that to happen to me or anybody really. Join me in the fight against crime.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I recommend the following for getting started on a security system for you and your family. There are affordable DIY options available as well as the cheapest monitored system that I know of as well. Please do one of the following 3 things ASAP to protect yourself against such craziness in the world:

DIY Security System

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