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By | May 5, 2017

So you may be more adventurous than just asking a company such as ADT to do your security for you. You may have a big Do It Yourself mentality. Here is a simple “how to” article I wrote to see if you might be able to do the simplest DIY security camera system I know of.

I know I grew up with a DIY mentality. My mom taught me to work hard for anything I wanted. Before I get into the lists of cheapest home security systems, I want to tell a little story.

I remember in 8th grade working so hard for the guy up the street digging a ditch, among other things. I got up early in the morning before school and made some money so that I could afford to buy 1 pair of Lee Dungaree jeans. I washed that pair by hand a couple of times a week so I could wear them over and over again.

I think the hardest part was getting the wet jeans dry by morning so that I could wear them to school the next day. My mom taught me to lay a towel out on the floor, lay the wet jeans out on the wet towel and then begin rolling the jeans up tightly inside of the towel. Once I got a big roll at the end, I had to pick it up by the ends and twist the towel as tight as I could. The wetness of the jeans would be transferred into the towel and then they’d dry by morning!

So anyway…lol. There are a few DIY options for setting up your own security. I’m just going to provide a 5 samples of each of 2 types – alarm systems or security camera systems. If you review the following you will see particular features in each that you may like. You can just add the particular features into the search bar at Amazon to find what you are looking for.

The first list is a list of alarm systems. The list following that is a list of security camera options. You may just want one or the other, or both. Some of the systems include both alarms and cameras.

Sample List of  5 DIY Alarm Systems

Sample List of 5 DIY Security Camera Systems

If you are a big DIY person, there are tons of options. Here is a start of what’s available. Of course these systems at Amazon are all at rock bottom prices, which helps. Happy online shopping for a Home Security System! Please leave any thoughts or questions in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think!

Please do one of the following 3 things ASAP to protect yourself against such craziness in the world:

1. Order one of the following 2 DIY Security Systems:

Call me to talk about a custom package for you at ADT Security:

+1 (888) 428-6312

Fill out the ADT quote request/rebate form:


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4 thoughts on “DIY Security Systems at Amazon

  1. Jennifer

    I am a huge fan of DIY! I think it’s really the best way to save money. I’m looking at the Arlo Pro security system with siren. It seems simple enough to install. Are there any drawbacks to using a wireless system like this?

    1. Tim Post author

      Hi Jennifer. I wrote a review of this system. Very little drawbacks to the system. They are at the bottom of this post:

      I also did a ‘how to’ post for the Arlo Pro system. I showed it around my house and the little tidbits about it:

      Very, very simple if you ask me. It’s been working great for us. 🙂


  2. Randy

    I am a huge DIY guy myself! I will take a look at the cameras I like the smart phone notification feature, and the pricing is good. Thanks

    1. Tim Post author

      Awesome Randy. Super simple to do but I can help if you want. Even while you’re doing it. I’ll give you my number.

      The nicest feature imho is its completely wire free!



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