Caught Steaing Part 3

By | October 5, 2017

In case you are wondering, home surveillance cameras do come in handy. Most people that I have ever known think that “it could never happen to me.” Like we are each somehow immune.

Well, when it does happen to you, and I hope it never does, you’ll be grateful that you have some sort of security camera setup. Wherever you want to protect a precious person or possession, get an affordable camera to cover it.
Contact me today and I will find you the most affordable solution for your felt needs.

Smart Home Security Camera Catches Burglar in New England, Vivint – WHDH

Guy Stealing. Caught on Home Security Camera.

Attempted Robbery Caught on Home Surveillance in Lago Vista, TX

Thief Caught on CCTV Stealing TV and Video, Disturbed, Then Returns

Fill out the form above or simply leave a comment, or fill out the contact me form. I’d love to go over options for you to either secure your home or business, or help you get more security than you already have to cover and exposed area. All within your budget of course.

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