Best DIY Wireless Security Camera System

By | May 5, 2017


How much research have you done so far? Have you heard of the Arlo Pro Security Cameras from Netgear? The Netgear Arlo Camera System is the best I’ve seen so far. Where is the best place to buy this wireless security camera system?

All of these are great and viable questions. I’d like to help you with your decision. I personally have been involved in the industry long enough to know that you don’t want to go through one of the corporate monsters like ADT. I used to work for ADT, and after a short while I had to quit because after a while I couldn’t look at my prospective customers and feel confident with them anymore.

I just couldn’t, with a clear conscience, tell them the installation and equipment charge was double what it should cost them. Especially for the new small business that has limited capital to start with. And then when they heard it would be $100 to $200/month they recoiled from me as if from a hot flame!

I figured out the best system to use and I have been using it very effectively at my house. Here is our backyard and what it looks like right now. You’d be amazed how simple this was to install. And it was very cheap! The whole system cost me a little more than $400 and I installed it in about an hour. Including setting up the free app!

If this type of thing scares you, please comment below and ask questions. I’d be happy to offer help on the installation. Just comment below and I will respond ASAP!

Where is the best Place to Purchase this Arlo Pro Camera System

In my opinion, it is on Amazon. Why? Because the discounts are greatest on Amazon. If you try to buy the cameras on the Arlo Netgear site, they are at full price. Amazon has the best deals and if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free (among other great benefits).

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I recommend the following for getting started on a security system for you and your family. There are affordable DIY options available as well as the cheapest monitored system that I know of as well. Please do one of the following 3 things ASAP to protect yourself against such craziness in the world:

DIY Security System

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