It looks pretty overwhelming...

It looks pretty overwhelming…

This site is dedicated to researching and providing support to help the average person find the best home security systems to install in their home or business. Most of these are DIY home security systems (Do It Yourself).It looks pretty overwhelming…

Perhaps the simplest and most cost effective way to go is with wireless home security. Believe it or not there are completely wire-free systems out there that are a snap to install. The interesting thing is that what works for home security also works for small businesses as well.

Reviews and Comparisons

...but it's actually pretty easy!

…but it’s actually pretty easy!

This site provides reviews on any and all of the latest wireless home security devices, comparisons of any and all of the latest diy security system devices and the like. No need for costly monthly monitoring that the large corporations charge.

The top systems and best rated systems are openly discussed here. Questions are welcome. Anybody on this site can offer suggestions to others here and ask help from others on here.